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A chance for life

The partner

Possible treatments

For fertilization there can be used fresh sperm or sperm which is obtained through the MESA / TESE method, in case fresh sperm is unsuitable for a successful fertilization.

Blood Test

Prior to the insemination of the donor eggs with fresh sperm takes place, the clinic should perform a blood test (HIV, HBsAg, HCV, TPHA). This blood test is required by law. There are no costs connected to this blood test.

The use of the sperm cells

Making the fresh sperms suitable for fertilization is part of the preparation ("washing"). With the aid of a special technique, only those sperm cells of excellent quality are selected.

MACS (Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting) is a new technique that makes it possible to select sperm in advanced mode. The sperm cells are passed through a magnetic field, in which damaged and potentially breaking cells are eliminated. The remaining good cells are compared with the original sperm sample for better motion, shape and structure, and finally, DNA-fragmentation. The chances of fertilization with the sperm is higher.
The MACS method is not included in the standard treatment.

Sperms of good quality, which will not be used for this attempt, can be frozen can be frozen (cryopreservation). The frozen sperms can be used for a possible second or third attempt. For those attempts, sperms do not need to be gained again. It is up to you to decide whether or not you use cryopreservation. The cost of cryopreservation is not included.


MESA/TESE obtains sperms by surgery. By the MESA method, sperms are sucked from the epididymis. By the TESE method, a piece of tissue is taken from the testicle, in which sperms are located. The surgery is carried out in the clinic under general anesthesia.

Because the surgery takes place under general anesthesia, the age limit is set at 60 years. Also, the medical history of the partner is of influence on the decision whether or not to perform the surgery.

Obtaining sperm using MESA / TESE is a legal technique in the Czech Republic. The costs of this operation are excluded from the treatment.

Donor Sperm

If either fresh sperm, or sperm cells gained by MESA / TESE are not suitable for fertilization of the egg cells, donor seed could be used. The cost of donor seed is not included.

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