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PregDesire: "A chance for life"
A chance for life

The recipient

Legal limit

The legal age for egg donation is set in Czechia at 50 years. In practice it means that the treatment should be completed before the recipient reaches the age of 50.

Good information

You start with filling in the questionnaire. This list is used to judge the chances of success. It is likely that you have already several treatments behind you. In order to get the clearest possible impression of your situation, it is important to send us this information. We also need some pictures which play a role in the selection of a donor who resembles the recipient as much as possible.

You should indicate whether you want to receive a treatment with own eggs or donor eggs. If the sperm from your partner will be used, his backgrounds should also be completed in the form.

You specify in which period you prefer that the treatment takes place. We keep this period as much as possible into account.

The plan of treatment

The doctors assess whether a treatment is possible or not. It is possible that additional information is needed. Then you get a treatment plan. The plan lists the needed medications, and in which period the treatment is going to take place.

Treatment at home

The endometrium is the covering layer on the inside of the uterus. In that the embryo will nestle. To make the endometrium suitable, medicines should be taken. At women who are still menstruating, first their own hormone function will be disabled by means of an injection (GnRH analogue: Triptorelin, Diphereline or Decapeptyl). At women who do not menstruate (anymore) the injection can be omitted. About two weeks before the treatment in Czechia taking medication is started at home (Progynova). The frequency and amount will follow the schedule of the treatment plan.

It is very wise when you allow your own gynecologist to follow the entire process. Let your gynecologist know all ins and outs of the plan and planning. It would be good if a test measurement of the endometrium takes place before starting the medication. Halfway the medication a second measurement will show how the endometrium responds to the medication (hormonal therapy). If necessary, the Czech gynecologist will adjust the medication according to the result.

The costs of the medication and examination(s)) by your own gynecologist are not included in our treatment.

Treatment abroad

You'll arrive in the Czech Republic on a Sunday, and take your residence in the hotel. PregDesire is present on the arrival.

Monday morning: to the clinic

  • During the first consultation you will meet Tomáš Jaroš and he explains calmly the whole procedure. He also gives answers to all your questions. He speaks English well. PregDesire is at present to assist in case of any language problems.
  • Naturally a gynecological examination takes place, whereas the thickness of the endometrium is measured (ideal thickness: between 7 and 10 mm). If necessary, the medication is adjusted.
  • The partner emits his sperm. By default, the motile and less motile sperms are seperated in the laboratory.

  • MACS (Magnetic-Activated Cell Sorting) is a new technique that makes it possible to select sperm in advanced mode. The sperm cells are passed through a magnetic field, in which damaged and potentially breaking cells are eliminated. The remaining good cells are compared with the original sperm sample for better motion, shape and structure, and finally, DNA-fragmentation. The chances of fertilization with the sperm is higher.
    The MACS method is part of the extended treatment.

  • Meanwhile, the oocytes are "harvested" from the donor by aspiration.
  • The eggs are fertilized in the laboratory with sperm. By default, the ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) method is applied. The egg cell is inseminated with a sperm by means of a special injection. Thus, the chance of pregnancy is increased.

  • The PICSI method is a comprehensive ICSI procedure. Only specially selected sperms are used for the fertilization of the egg. The embryologist searches primarily to good-looking sperm cells: a long tail, a shapely neck and head. These sperm cells are brought into contact with hyaluronan, a substance that surrounds the egg cell, and which contributes to the adhesion of the egg and the sperm to a large extent. Only mature sperm cells are able to enter into the compound of hyaluronan. Moreover, these mature sperm cells contain less genetic abnormalities, thereby providing a better quality of the embryos.
    The PICSI methode is part of the extended treatment.

  • On the same day starts the treatment with a pregnancy hormone - for example Utrogestan or Crinone.
Wednesday: the state of affairs
  • You will be notified of the number of embryos and their quality. Meanwhile, the development of the embryos in the laboratory is followed closely. A good embryo implantation will be caused by the application of Assisted Hatching.
  • If the first consultation showed that there is a reason to recheck the condition of the endometrium, ti will be done.
Friday or Saturday: the most exciting day
  • In our approach, we choose for a so-called prolonged cultivation of embryos. The development of the embryos is monitored for five days. Therefore we are able to select the best embryos for the Embryo Tranfer.
  • During the day, the place Embryo Transfer, where the embryos in the uterus. Of all medical acts this is the easiest, but at the same time the most emotional one.
  • The placement is preferably carried out with a full bladder.
  • After the placement you rest for one or two hours in the clinic.
  • You can leave the next day from the Czech Republic.

  • Together with Tomáš Jaroš you take a decision on embryos of good quality that couldn't be used at this attempt. They can be frozen (cryopreservation), and used for a second and / or third attempt. For these attempts sperm doesn't need to emitted.
Saturday or Sunday: leaving for home
  • After a week's stay you are leaving Ostrava.
  • Many make the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Prague during their stopover.

Back home

You go one using hormonal preparations and ... waiting. Try to bridge that period as relaxed as possible.

On the 14th day after the Embryo Transfer the big moment has come: you'll do the pregnancy test with your (morning) urine (HCG). You can use a predictor for that. Better to go to the gynecologist to determine whether pregnancy occurred.

If the result is positive, you have to administer hormones for another two months. You are in the family way, like all couples who were pregnant naturally.

If the result is negative, a blood test at your own gynecologist will show whether pregnancy actually occurred, or that the treatment unfortunately had no success. In the latter case you decide to repeat the egg donation cycle at a time that suits you best. When there frozen embryos are available, certain phases of the process can be beaten and the stay in the Czech Republic to an absolute minimum.

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